What to Expect When You Visit The Aston Martin Dealerships in 2022?

Aston Martin

The name Aston Martin is always more than cars. The British brand has produced some of the last century’s most beautiful and iconic cars. From the Vanquish to the DB11 and now the Aston Martin Vantage, the brand has produced some of the best sports cars in the world. However, the brand is not just about cars but also a lifestyle, encompassing a range of products, including a high-end whisky and a cognac, a watch, a fragrance, and much more. So, what will Aston Martin be up to in 2022? What will the brand’s new Vision 2022 look like? Let’s consider what to expect when visiting the Aston Martin dealerships in 2022.

The Vantage

First revealed at the 2017 Birmingham Motor Show, the Aston Martin Vantage will be the brand’s latest sports car to be released. The Aston Martin Vantage will be the first model in the brand’s new Vantage Series and will be available in two trim levels, the Vantage S and the Vantage V6. The new Aston Martin Vantage will not just replace the Vanquish but also be a competitor to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and the BMW 7 Series. The car shares its platform with the Aston Martin Vanquish, which will be similar. However, the Vanquish was only available in one trim level, the SV, so the Aston Martin Vantage would be more luxurious than its little brother.

The Vision 2022 Aston Martin Vantage

As mentioned above, the Vision 2022 Aston Martin Vantage will be a consumer product. But it will be more than a car; it will become an entire lifestyle. And that’s not all; the brand’s new Vision 2022 also aims to be a tech brand, much in the mold of Apple or Google. Vision 2022 is a rather ambitious goal, and it’s not just about the Vantage car. The brand wants to be a tech brand, much like Apple or Google, focusing on innovation and technology. This extends to the product lineup, with the brand planning to release five new models in 2022, including the Aston Martin 2022 Vantage and a new SUV.

The Future of Design at Aston Martin

Aston Martin has always been known for its creative direction, whether the iconic Concorde, the DB1, the DB3, or the current DB11. However, with the brand’s new Vision 2022, the design direction at Aston Martin will be more than just creative. Instead, the brand plans to revolutionize how passengers interact with their vehicles with the help of AI and robotics. With the assistance of AI, the brand plans to develop what it refers to as “Digital DNA,” which will allow the brand to respond to customer needs and expectations at any given moment. This will include the ability for the brand to personalize the experience for each customer through sensors and AI, much like with a mobile app.

The Future of Connectivity at Aston Martin

Aston Martin also has plans for the Future, including working toward being a more connectivity-focused brand. This will include more than just the connectivity that AI and robotics can provide but also the ability for the car to understand and respond to the wants and needs of its passengers.

The Future of Mobility at Aston Martin

The Future of mobility is also very exciting for the brand, as it has plans to disrupt the market with a new concept called Digital Drive. The brand aims to create a new type of mobility with the help of AI, robotics, and blockchain technology. The new concept will be powered by a new type of energy, which will be generated through the solar panels on the Aston Martin Carousell in Surrey, United Kingdom. The concept comes with self-driving capabilities and could transform how we think about the ownership of a car. It’s unclear when the brand plans to bring the concept to production, but it has our attention.

The Brand’s Future

So, with the Vision 2022 of Aston Martin, what is the brand’s Future? The name has always been about much more than just automobiles. The British brand has produced some of the last century’s most beautiful and iconic cars. From the Vanquish to the DB11 and now the Aston Vantage, the brand has produced some of the best sports cars in the world.

The New Vantage

When Aston Martin unveiled the Vantage in 2006, it was met with much anticipation, as the name and design were seen as significant nods to the car’s past. But the Aston Vantage is more than simply a name. It is a statement of intention by the brand. It will be the main vehicle in Vision 2022. Power is still expected to come from a 5.9-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine, but the new engine is more power-friendly and will likely be less polluting than the current engine.

A High-End Whisky

The brand’s future is looking very exciting, with a range of new luxury cars set for release in 2022 and a high-end whisky. The brand’s back story is very interesting, given that two siblings started it, but it has survived and thrived for 100 years. The brand has a long and proud history and is expected to live on and on for years to come.

A Digital Transformation

The brand is currently in the process of transforming itself from a car company into a tech company. This is a vision that the current CEO and managing director, Dr. Walt Disney, has. At the center of this transformation will be the new “Aston,” an eCommerce platform that will integrate into the existing business operations and provide an end-to-end shopping experience for all Aston Martin customers. This platform will allow customers to search for, order, and buy anything from any brand of car online and receive regular updates from the brand. In addition, customers can make payments, track their order status, and access a customer service representative 24/7 just by logging onto the platform. This will be an important part of the digital transformation process, as many existing customers have had problems with customer service and support issues with their order or payment processes.

Aston Martin Vantage Price

In 2022, There is no set price for an Aston Martin Vantage, as the brand will continue to change and develop its range. However, the starting price of this brand is 146,000$, and expect an Aston Martin Vantage price to increase in 2022. This is due to the increasing popularity of the brand and the costs associated with developing a new car.

No Time To Die Aston Martin

Dealership in 2022 Aston Martin dealerships has always been a popular destination for luxury cars. It has made models that are not just stunning but also unique. So, when you visit an Aston Martin dealership in 2022, you’re likely to be impressed by the latest models on the market. Aston Martin brings new models to the market every year with great modifications, so there’s no time to die Aston Martin However, don’t forget about the classic cars too. Of course, the brand will still produce some of the best sports cars globally, but there will be plenty of other models to choose from. So, if you’re looking for a historic car to drive or a new car to purchase, don’t worry: an Aston Martin dealership will have you covered. 

What’s Next?

In 2022, the brand expects the digital transformation process to be complete, with the new “Aston” still under development and a new product range in operation. In the meantime, the brand will be focusing on expanding its existing portfolio of automobiles. As part of the digital transformation process, there will be a new lineup of cars and a new collection of luxury goods to enjoy.


It’s been over a decade since Aston Martin was last on our top luxury car brands list. The brand has seen many changes in that time, but its future looks bright. The brand will be celebrating its centenary in 2022, which is expected to be a big year for the company. The brand is expected to unveil a new vehicle and a premium whisky this year. These products will be a part of the brand’s future alongside the brand’s existing lineup of models.